2018 Award Winner Acceptance Speeches

Juan David Romero

The reception and award ceremony honoring the 2018 winners of the AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Awards took place at the Carnegie Institution for Science on February 15, 2019 during the 2019 AAAS Annual Meeting. Watch individual award speeches below. Video courtesy of the Carnegie Institution for Science.


Introduction: Earl Lane, Executive Director, AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Awards

Margaret Moerchen, Science Deputy to the President, Carnegie Institution for Science.

Laura Helmuth, Health, Science and Environment Editor, the Washington Post.

Rush Holt, Chief Executive Officer, AAAS.

Eric Marshall, Vice President of Public Engagement and Prizes, The Kavli Foundation.



Large Newspaper: Gold Award presented to Mike Hixenbaugh. Silver Award presented to Marc Hasse

(Earl Lane accepts on behalf of Marc Hasse.)


Small Newspaper:  Gold Award presented to Kale Williams. Silver Award presented to Tony Bartelme.


Magazine:  Gold Award presented to Emily Anthes. Silver Award presented to Nicola Twilley.


Television - Spot News/Feature Reporting:  Gold Award presented to the Vox.com team (Joss Fong, David Seekamp, Rubab Shakir and Laura Bult).  Silver Award presented to Jennifer Green and Jules Barl.

(BBC's Marnie Chesterton accepts on behalf of the Silver Award Winners, Joss Fong accepts Gold award.)

Television - In–Depth/Feature Reporting: Gold Award presented to Emer Reynolds, John Murray, Clare Stronge, John Rubin and Sean B. Carroll. Silver Award presented to Jamie Lochead and Charlotte Hunt-Grubbe.

(John Rubin and Jamie Lochead accept)


Audio: Gold Award presented to Cathy Edwards and Marnie Chesterton. Silver Award presented to Nicky Oullet, Eric Whitney, Josh Burnham  and Nora Saks.

(Cathy Edwards, Marnie Chesterton and Nicky Oullet accept)


Online: Gold Award presented to Maggie Koerth-Baker. Silver Award presented to Sarah Zhang.


Children’s Science News: Gold Award presented to Jeanne Miller. Silver Award presented to Anna Rothschild.