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Television: Spot News/Feature Reporting

"Adrien Treuille Profile" - 14 November 2012

NOVA scienceNow


Joshua Seftel won the television award for spot news/feature reporting for a NOVA scienceNOW segment on Adrien Treuille, a computer scientist at Carnegie Mellon University. Treuille has harnessed the brainpower of thousands of people who play computer games as a way to help solve difficult problems such as protein folding. David Baron, health and science editor for Public Radio International's "The World" and a contest judge, said Seftel's segment "brought energy and artistry to a topic that could easily be dry. A great concept, brilliantly executed."

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“The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers” Series One - 6 Oct. 2010

“The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers” Series Two - 2 Feb. 2011

The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers” Series Three - 16 Feb. 2011



PBS NOVA Online’s “Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers” offers a sometimes surprising look at the avocations and enthusiasms of researchers who pursue the mysteries of science. William Saletan, who covers science for Slate, called the winning entry “a delightfully engaging, visually creative series that illuminates the intrigue and texture of science through the personalities of its people.”

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