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"Why Everyone Seems to Have Cancer" - 5 Jan. 2014

"A Tumor, the Embryo's Evil Twin" - 18 Mar. 2014

"An Apple a Day, and Other Myths" - 22 Apr. 2014

The New York Times


George Johnson, a contributor to The New York Times, won for three insightful essays on cancer and some of the misconceptions about the disease. Hillary Rosner, a freelance writer who was one of the judges, said Johnson's pieces "are gorgeously written and offer fascinating perspectives on a topic we like to think we know a lot about."

Johnson described how cancer is vying to become the final killer as heart disease and stroke are beaten back; how researchers are finding that the same genes that guide fetal cells as they multiply, migrate and create a...Read more


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"Almost in Awe, Physicists Ponder 'Ultimate' Theory" - 22 Sept. 1998

"Of Mice and Elephants: a Matter of Scale" - 12 Jan. 1999

"Mindless Creatures, Acting 'Mindfully'" - 23 Mar. 1999

The New York Times