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Ice Age Footprints

A NOVA Production by Windfall Films, Ltd. (part of the Argonon Group) for GBH -- May 25, 2022

Thousands of ancient footprints left by Ice Age humans and animals stretch for miles across the blinding white landscape of New Mexico’s White Sands National Park. The prints capture moments when humans crossed paths with now-extinct Ice Age beasts, including mammoths, enormous ground sloths, dire wolves, and camels. Tracks usually disappear soon after they are made, but in a place like White Sands, where the chemistry is just right, the tracks can last for thousands of years, hidden beneath the dunes. A team of experts is now investigating how these tracks could show new evidence of...Read more


Television: In-Depth Reporting

"Your Inner Fish" - 9 Apr., 16 Apr., 23 Apr. 2014

Tangled Bank Studios/Windfall Films for PBS


Michael Rosenfeld, David Dugan, David Elisco and Neil Shubin won for a three-part PBS series on "Your Inner Fish." The winning series described how Shubin, a fish paleontologist, and his colleagues use fossil evidence and our DNA history to trace different features of our anatomy to animals from long ago. Natalie Angier, a science writer for The New York Times, praised the PBS series. "I particularly applaud the segments that reveal what fieldwork is really like," Angier said, "and the graphics really brought the fossils to life."

Shubin, the author of two...Read more