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"How the Pandemic Will End" March 25, 2020

The Atlantic

"Why the Coronavirus Is So Confusing" April 29, 2020

The Atlantic

"America's Patchwork Pandemic Is Fraying Even Further" May 20, 2020

The Atlantic

Ed Yong of The Atlantic told his readers some hard truths about the COVID-19 pandemic. Scientists and public health specialists had long warned that such a global outbreak was inevitable. The United States ― despite its high score on the Global Health Security Index ― failed to measure up when tested by the novel coronavirus, partly because the White House had become what Yong called a “ghost town of scientific expertise.” In March when the pandemic was starting to grab hold in the U.S., Yong wrote: “Rudderless, blindsided, lethargic, and uncoordinated, America has mishandled the...Read more