Award Winners


Large Newspaper

"String Theory, at 20, Explains It All (or Not)" - 7 Dec. 2004

"Remembrance of Things Future: The Mystery of Time" - 28 June 2005

"The Next Einstein? Applicants Welcome" - 1 Mar. 2005

The New York Times


The print judging committee was impressed by Overbye’s wit and erudition in walking readers through the arcane world of string theory, the mysteries of time, and the prospects for another Albert Einstein.

“Sometimes the simplest, most basic elements of the universe are the most difficult to understand and explain, and surely time must be one of the top contenders,” said Gino Del Guercio, an independent television producer and former AAAS journalism prize winner who served as a judge. “Overbye writes about it with wit and clarity that makes it all look easy.”...Read more