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"Women and Science: The Debate Goes On" - 4 Mar. 2005

"The Hidden Cost of Farming Fish" - 22 Apr. 2005

"Come Over to the Dark Side" - 3 June 2005

The Chronicle of Higher Education


Monastersky was selected for a series of three unrelated pieces that showed a broad grasp of science, from the politically sensitive debate over how boys and girls learn about math to the risks of fish farms to the search by physicists for an elusive force that shapes the universe and accelerates its expansion.

“Monastersky’s work stands out for its meticulous explanatory reporting of a remarkably broad range of scientific controversies,” said Robert Lee Hotz of the Los Angeles Times.

“I am deeply honored that the judges selected my work for the...Read more


Small Newspaper

"Nowhere Men: Scientists Debate What Happened to the Neandertals; Under the Volcano; Where Have all the Frogs Gone?" - 8 Sept. 2000; 30 Mar., 20 Apr. 2001

The Chronicle of Higher Education