Award Winners



"Living on Earth" Series One- "Some Like it Hot…” - 30 Sept. 2005

"Living on Earth" Series Two- "Cold Fusion: A Heated History” - 30 Sept. 2005

"Living on Earth" Series Three - “Pebble Bed Technology—Nuclear Promise or Peril?” - 30 Sept. 2005

Public Radio International's "Living on Earth" program took a clear-headed look at the ongoing efforts to understand and tame nuclear fusion, a field in which overly optimistic projections have led some critics to joke that fusion is the energy source for the future and always will be. Kathy Sawyer, a freelance science writer formerly with The Washington Post, called the winning program “a well-produced overview that not only informs listeners about the science, but also about the process of learning the science, with all its uncertainties and...Read more