Award Winners



"Megafishes project to size up real ‘Loch Ness Monsters" - 24 July 2007

"World’s largest trout thrives in Mongolia—for now" - 7 Nov. 2007

"Giant river stingrays found near Thai city" - 29 Apr. 2008

National Geographic News


Stefan Lovgren traveled around the world to tell the story of monster species of fish and their habitat. “Using all of the tools available, Lovgren paints a compelling portrait of these gargantuan fish that most people would never get to see,” said Seth Borenstein of Associated Press. “The images of the giant ray and the cannibalistic fish hook you, and the narrative reels you in.” Warren Leary, a freelance writer formerly with The New York Times, called Lovgren’s work “a fine entry that introduces the public to an interesting topic in an innovative way. Good...Read more