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"Victoria Gray's Journey" Dec. 25, 2019


"Doctors Use CRISPR To Treat Patient With Genetic Disorder" July 29, 2019

"A Year In, 1st Patient To Get Gene Editing For Sickle Cell Disease Is Thriving" June 23, 2020

In three stories from NPR’s “All Things Considered,” Rob Stein and his colleagues Joe Neel and Jane Greenhalgh told the story of Victoria Gray, a patient with sickle cell disease who received the first use of a groundbreaking new CRISPR treatment for her genetic disorder. Stein followed the emotional narrative with grace and care, exploring both the science and the impact that science has on human lives. The third piece of the series followed up with Gray a year later, during a pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests. Rich Monastersky, chief features editor for Nature in Washington, D...Read more