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Television: Spot News/Feature Reporting


"Is Alaska Safe for Sea Stars?" - 8 Oct. 2014

KCTS 9 (Seattle)


With a deadly wasting disease killing West Coast starfish by the millions, Katie Campbell's story took views to Alaska where researchers are trying to determine whether starfish in colder waters might escape the die-off. "This piece was about far more than starfish," said judge David Baron, former science editor for PRI's "The World." "By showing how biologists painstakingly collect data to understand the natural world, the story beautifully demonstrates what it means to be a scientist." The judges praised the Gold Award winner as an excellent example of strong, local...Read more


"Will a robotic arm ever have the full functionality of a human limb?" - 12 Feb. 2015

"Can modern prosthetics actually help reclaim the sense of touch?" - 13 Feb. 2015

PBS NewsHour


In a two-part series, PBS NewsHour science correspondent Miles O'Brien — whose left arm was amputated in 2014 after an unlikely accident while he was on a reporting assignment in Japan — discussed the status of prosthetics development and the challenges in developing a fully functional human limb. Judge Eliene Augenbraun, senior video producer for Scientific American, said O'Brien's reporting was a "refreshingly skeptical look" at what it will take to make advanced prosthetics widely available. She found O'Brien "completely lacking in self-pity"...Read more