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"Getting to the Bottom of Mysterious Elk Deaths" - 26 Nov. 2006 and 3 Dec. 2006

Wyoming Tribune-Eagle


A rash of mysterious elk deaths in Wyoming in 2004 left scientists and game wardens wondering what had happened. Frazer described the steps by which researchers determined that a poisonous lichen was the likely cause. In a two-part series, Frazer also described efforts to save the remaining elk and help the species recover. Calling her series an example of “superb local science writing,” Robert Lee Hotz of The Wall Street Journal said Frazer “opens a window into the mysteries of field epidemiology, turning a story of doomed elk into a page-turner of a...Read more


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"The Ghosts of Yosemite" - 17 Oct. 2005

"Save Our Snow" - 6 Mar. 2006

"Dust and Snow" - 29 May 2006

High Country News


In stories on climate change in the West, Nijhuis described the work of contemporary scientists who are using pioneering field work in Yosemite by biologist Joseph Grinnell nearly a century ago to better understand the changes now occurring in animal populations of the Sierra range; the efforts by Aspen, Colorado and other western towns to grapple with changing climate; and the impact of airborne dust, from drought-stricken grazing lands and other sources, on snow pack in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. Peter Spotts of The Christian Science Monitor called her...Read more


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"Women and Science: The Debate Goes On" - 4 Mar. 2005

"The Hidden Cost of Farming Fish" - 22 Apr. 2005

"Come Over to the Dark Side" - 3 June 2005

The Chronicle of Higher Education


Monastersky was selected for a series of three unrelated pieces that showed a broad grasp of science, from the politically sensitive debate over how boys and girls learn about math to the risks of fish farms to the search by physicists for an elusive force that shapes the universe and accelerates its expansion.

“Monastersky’s work stands out for its meticulous explanatory reporting of a remarkably broad range of scientific controversies,” said Robert Lee Hotz of the Los Angeles Times.

“I am deeply honored that the judges selected my work for the...Read more


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"Kazakhstan in a fight against brucellosis" - 16 Mar. 2003

Casper Star-Tribune


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"If you Smash It, They Will Come" - 23 Aug. 2001

"Fish or Famine" - 6 Sept. 2001

"Out if Africa...Come Fascinating Fossils" - 15 Nov. 2001

Christian Science Monitor


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"Nowhere Men: Scientists Debate What Happened to the Neandertals; Under the Volcano; Where Have all the Frogs Gone?" - 8 Sept. 2000; 30 Mar., 20 Apr. 2001

The Chronicle of Higher Education


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"Unnatural Resources: Playing God in the Great Lakes" - 9 Feb. - 2 July 1997

The Bay City Times 


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"Salmon Saviors" - 13 Dec. 1995

"Holy Cedar" - 8 May 1996

Seattle Weekly


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"In Search of the First North American" - 31 July 1994

"The Rat Zone" - 9 Apr. 1995

"In Search of Spectacled Eides" - 21 May 1995

Anchorage Daily News


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"Chlorine: Cornucopia or Pandora's Box?" - 7 Oct. 1993

"Lasers: New Applications Point to Bright Future" - 9 Dec. 1993

"A Perfect Match" - 26 May 1994

The Ann Arbor News


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"Superfund: The Road to Nowhere" - 7-11 Feb. 1993

The Burlington Free Press


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"How to Get Ahead in Science? Simple…" - 15 Aug. 1991

Houston Press