2020 Video: Spot News/Feature Reporting - Gold

Oregon Public Broadcasting’s engaging segment told how Mas Subramanian and his team at Oregon State University discovered a new shade of blue. Director Jes Burns, with editor Dan Evans and videographers Brandon Swanson and Stephani Gordon, recounted the history of YInMn Blue’s discovery and development. The new color was first created when a graduate student on Subramanian’s team heated manganese oxide for an unrelated experiment. The surprising result was a vibrant new shade of blue that is extremely stable and uniquely suited for commercial use. “I was blown away by the new blue,” said freelance journalist and author Angela Saini, “Such a clever little segment, made better by a great interviewee, reminding us that local science reporting is sometimes the best.” The video includes “just the right amount of science to understand the nature of the discovery without overwhelming the viewer,” said France 24 reporter Mairead Dundas. Tony Bartelme, projects reporter for The Post and Courier in Charleston, S.C., agreed, calling the story “a beautifully told piece about a color that will leave you thinking differently about blue and other colors.” Burns said she was captivated by the science behind the new blue pigment. “When I met the scientist involved, “ she said, “I knew it was a story I wanted to tell ― one about the thrill of discovery, the wonder of curiosity and the beautiful and unexpected connections that happen when you explore.”    "

Jes Burns

With editor Dan Evans and videographers Brandon Swanson and Stephani Gordon