2018 Children's Science News - Silver

Anna Rothschild has a knack for telling stories that both entertain and enlighten her young audience. In one of her award-winning segments, Rothschild explained the evolution of the digestive tract and why the human posterior looks like it does. In the second, piece she explored the functions of sweat, from the days when our ancestors were evolving to more efficiently cool their bodies as they became more active in chasing prey (and avoiding predators). And as Rothschild points out, “Getting a super-efficient way to dump excess heat may have been part of what allowed our brains to get larger. So, rather than complaining about pit stains, thank your lucky stars that you’re the sweaty ape that you are.” Andrea McDaniels, a health and medicine reporter for The Baltimore Sun, said she “absolutely loves” Rothschild’s videos. “There was great use of props and corny songs to draw kids in,” she said. Rothschild said she created her program “as a way for kids and parents to explore science together. I'm honored to receive this award, and hope that it will prove to young people that there are still so many questions to answer − even ones about your own bum.” Rothschild also won a Children’s Science News award in 2016 for her “Gross Science” program with PBS NOVA.