2015 Television: In-Depth/Feature Reporting - Gold


The BBC team used clever analogies and appealing graphics to discuss three key numbers that help clarify important questions about climate change: 0.85 degrees Celsius — how much the Earth has warmed since the 1880s; 95% — how sure scientists are that human activity is the major cause of Earth's recent warming; and one trillion tons — the best estimate of the amount of carbon that can be burned before risking dangerous climate change. Three mathematicians discuss such topics as the moon landing, early 20th century cotton mills, and motor racing to help illuminate the methods used in climate change analysis. Judge Kathy Sawyer, a freelance science writer, called the program "a master class in how to make a forbidding statistical story both enlightening and entertaining." Jonathan Renouf, executive producer at BBC Science, said: "We set out to make a film with three objectives; to say something new about climate change, to stay true to the science, and to attract an audience to what is unquestionably a demanding subject. Winning this award feels like a vindication for that approach."