Award Winners



"The Climate of Man" - 25 Apr. 2005; 2 May 2005 ; 9 May 2005 - Elizabeth Kolbert

"The Bell Curve" - 6 Dec. 2004 - Atul Gawande

The New Yorker


A doctor’s use of science and skill may be the easiet part of patient care, Gawande wrote in his winning piece. But the best outcomes can depend on other, more nebulous factors “like aggressiveness and consistency and ingenuity.”

“Gawande’s article described how doctors respond to the sometimes painful product of good scientific analysis,” said Neil Munro of the National Journal, who served as a judge.

"I think there is an enormous amount to be learned from close, detailed observation of cases,"  said Gawande, who is a practicing surgeon as well...Read more