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Television: Spot News/Feature Reporting

"Diamond Factory" - 30 June 2009

NOVA scienceNOW


In the winning program segment, host Neil deGrasse Tyson visited a production facility that makes diamonds good enough to fool a jeweler. The segment described the properties of diamonds, the advances in materials science that allow their manufacture, the advantages of lab-made diamonds over natural diamonds, and their potential use in fields such as electronics, transportation and communications. Warren Leary, a science writer formerly with The New York Times, called the segment “a good showcase for science and engineering that the public can understand and enjoy.”...Read more


Television (1981-2009)

RNA interference - 26 July 2005

" The chemistry of fuel cells"

"Two wizards of supercomputing"

"The fastest moving glacier in the world"

NOVA scienceNOW


Geneticists wanted to make an ordinary purple petunia more purple. Instead they got white flowers. Why? Quite by accident, the researchers found a secret defense system in living cells, a gene-silencing mechanism called RNA interference. It has become one of the hottest topics in biology and was the subject of the recently awarded 2006 Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology. In addition to the RNAi segment, the NOVA scienceNOW program, presented by Robert Krulwich, also featured a humorous description of the chemistry of fuel cells, complete with electrons attached to the...Read more


Television (1981-2009)


Television (1981-2009)