2007 Radio


In a thematic series, Keith Seinfeld of KPLU-FM in Seattle/Tacoma described the electrical properties of the human brain and how scientists are finding new ways to use those properties to treat diseases and injuries. The judges were impressed by his clear, concise language and great use of sound in telling about important research in neuroscience. “While a drill whines in the background, cutting a hole in the top of a patient’s skull, Keith Seinfeld carries his listeners into the story,” said Jeff Nesmith, a Washington-based science writer for Cox Newspapers. “This kind of radio journalism seizes a listener’s attention while it delivers an understandable account of complicated science.” David Baron, global development editor for Public Radio International’s “The World” program, praised the “vividness of the writing, the clarity of the scientific explanations, the superb use of sound, the dramatic storytelling.” He said Seinfeld’s work “hangs together beautifully as a series, with each story building upon those that came before. Well-conceived and brilliantly executed, ‘The Electric Brain’ is radio science journalism of the highest order.”