1986 Television (1981-2009)

Paula Apsell

Paula Apsell first began her work in broadcast typing the public broadcaster WGBH Boston’s daily logs, a job, she notes, is now mercifully automated.  While at WGBH-FM, her next move, she developed the award-winning children’s drama series The Spider’s Web and served as an on-air radio news producer. She then joined WGBH’s pioneering science documentary series NOVA, producing among several other programs Death of a Disease, the first long-form documentary about the worldwide eradication of smallpox.

Jon Palfreman

Jon Palfreman is an Emmy, Peabody, and Dupont Award-winning journalist who has produced more than 40 BBC and PBS one-hour documentaries in science and medicine. In 1995, after investigating  a group of drug addicts struck with Parkinson’s-like symptoms from tainted heroin, Palfreman co-authored “The Case of the Frozen Addicts,” an account of J. William Langston’s discovery of the neurotoxin MPTP, a tool still being used 30 years after its discovery.